Welcome to Gemma Magazine! We are thrilled to highlight our online site. Gemma is a magazine about art, fashion, and style. Gemma is a big believer in the arts — as we feel it heals, inspires and provides its own aesthetic of self-expression. Gemma is a girl’s name of Italian origin meaning “precious stone”. There are gem-like characteristics of artists. People given to the name of Gemma are funny, amazing, kind-hearted, best friends, cute, loving and beautiful… everybody loves a gemma in their life because she always helps out and is always there for you! Never fault a gemma because in life they will always help. You should love a ‘Gemma’ in everything they do.
Gemma also refers to someone who is creative and tends to follows a path of their own and one not dictated by others. She thrives on artistic connections but knows her journey and has a deep connection to artists. We would love to hear your story. 
Gemma Magazine was created by Elisabeth Collazos. 

We are open to submissions. Please fill out the contact form if interested or Email elisabeth@gemmamagazine.com