It Model and Actress: Arielle Raycene

RayceneBorn in Texas and raised in Kansas, Arielle Raycene started her life as an artist early. Signing with LA models as a baby, she earned her SAG card at the age of 3 doing commercials and trained as a pianist at eight years old, winning multiple awards. Then, to make her father happy, Arielle got her degree in Broadcast Journalism from the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. To bother him just enough, she also earned a minor in Theater at the Herberger Institute in Arizona.

While training as an actress with some of the best Los Angeles offers, including Lesly Kahn & Company, John Rosenfeld Studios, Upright Citizens Brigade, Second City, Doug Warhit, and Scott Sedita, Arielle paid the bills modeling including Maxim, FHM, and Esquire. She’s currently the face of Pantry LA and Pixie, with other modeling campaigns running.

In 2019, Arielle released her creative content that solidified her clout and status on social media. “Stated” featured her as 19 characters and had been picked up by multiple networks, including Playboy, and is headlined on her YouTube channel, Proper Addiction.

Tipping the Scales, a documentary Arielle produced, examines the childhood obesity epidemic and won The Broadcast Education Association Award for Best Documentary at the BEA awards.
Starting 2020 with a bang, Arielle was a lead actress in a New York City off-Broadway play “Used.” Arielle splits her time between NY and LA. Fun Fact: In New York, she stays in the room of the Rent.

When Arielle had a moment, she sat down with Gemma Magazine to chat about her creative process as well as her plans for the future.

You graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism, correct? Did you also work in the industry?
Yes, I graduated with a degree in broadcast journalism; however, I never worked in the industry. It did land me tv hosting and producing jobs, though. I learned a lot about the story, editing, creating the project, writing, and being in front of the camera.

What made you decide to become an actress? How did you get interested in acting?
I was interested in acting since I was very young. I was always doing theater as a kid or performing in my living room. I used to look up to Lucille Ball. I just thought she was the best, and I loved Olivia Newton-John in “Grease.” If I got in trouble, I wouldn’t be able to watch Grease that evening, that’s how much I watched it!

You have such an incredible look; however; Did you ever feel modeling to be challenging at times in terms of presenting a false image?
Good question; when I get hired, I generally don’t think about the editing that will go into it afterward. I’m just focused on getting the best quality photo at that moment, but it’s true. Then when I’m in line checking out at the grocery store with my sweats up and greasy hair and seeing a beautiful woman on the cover, I think about how many hours that image took to produce and where she is now? Then I wonder what the kids think? That everyone is just so fabulous? Sigh. I believe it is essential for the world to know nobody can be that fabulous all the time. It takes a VILLAGE!

Where did you train in Los Angeles and what was some incredible advice you received in acting?
I minored in theater in college and have trained many places in LA. Right now, I’m in my second year of the Meisner program. The excellent advice is just an old saying “when the going gets tough, keep going.”

It’s wonderful that your social media is about self-acceptance that made you go in this direction?
I think because I had to do so much soul searching for myself as a person that I finally realized that loving myself was going to be the most important love I received. I find it very important to be able to be with yourself.

Can you tell us about the documentary that you produced?
It was about childhood obesity and how important it is to implement actives, nutrition, and health knowledge into school.

Who are some actresses that you admire?
I have a bunch for so many different reasons. To name a few would be Lucille Ball, Meryl Strep, Charlize Theron, Nicole Kidman, Angelina Jolie Glenn Close, Emma Stone, Amy Adams, Zendaya, Julia Roberts, and Margot Robbie.


Do you have a desire to make films??
Absolutely! I’ve made home videos since I was a kid and produced a series of short stories so yes I would love to make films one day. 

Have you always been extremely ambitious?
I think when I was younger I couldn’t describe it but I always wanted to push myself in whatever it was I was doing. I think it came from my competitive family. My mom also drilled it in me from a kid that I can’t quit anything I didn’t finish. I guess wanting to see the big city lights helped my ambition.

We will be watching what’s up next for Arielle Raycene. You can keep up with her on Instagram or her website!

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