Staying Stylish While Aging ~ Hidden Gems

Lately there has been a lot of “rules on style at 40 plus.” Aging is not always fantastic, but I continue to love fashion and finding ways to make it work. Here are my rules:

1. There really are no rules. Do you want to dress like your tween daughter? Absolutely not, but do not be so hard on yourself. Leggings?? It depends and especially how you wear them (Even though I’m so guilty of this)…but we must not make this a regular staple. Go with what makes you feel good (within reason). If denim works for you, do it. Pair your jeans with a classy button down or stylish sweater. Furthermore, they do not have to be $150.00 jeans either. I have bought so many jeans at random stores for cheap prices that Do work. Be resourceful and do your research. Go online to get ideas and search for a brand that appeals to you. This being said, I do suggest purchasing one quality pair that works for special occasions. Yet with jeans, I apply the same rule here as I do with bathing suits: Try them on! Lastly, when paired with a dainty top, sweet blazer and colorful flats, you cannot go wrong.

Perfect Denim Look

2. Casual Glam. This is a fun and fabulous look. Every woman needs that white button down with perfectly distressed jeans and booties for that “not too formal” look. Add a thin necklace and bangles with an oversized sweater or pashima to break up the ensemble. It is almost as if you are creating a story with flair.


3. Handbags. Obviously these are personal preference and I am obsessed with bags — both big and small. It never hurts to invest in a classy one with a touch of edge. It makes you feel good too. Also, you do not always have to go with black! The handbag below is a great option because it has nice structure, stays basic with a hint of color. Therefore it should work with most outfits. Also — it is not “over the top.” Many women feel that the, designer bag that is almost as big as you is the answer. Not always!

Street Style Paris
Street Style Paris

4. Jewelry. I would be a bit more picky in this area. This is the time when your favorite designers come into play. As you know, I have mine. Debbie de la Cueva Jewelry, Bea Humma of Studio 57 and Sandrine Klein of The Goddess Studio.  Independent designers stand out as something different but these lines are all eclectic, classy and unique. We all have our preferences but try a touch of color or Tahitian pearls versus the standard ones. It will make all the difference. All of these lines are designed by dear friends which makes it even more fun. I am always amazed by their artistry and inspiration to create.

Debbie de la Cueva
Debbie de la Cueva
Sandrine Klein
Sandrine Klein of The Goddess Studio
Bea Humma Jewelry Studio 57
Bea Humma Jewelry
Studio 57
Bea Humma Jewelry
Bea Humma Jewelry

5. Makeup. I would go as natural as possible but play up your best features. For a while I was scaring my kids because I decided I needed shadow, eyeliner and mascara. A little too much for me. My rule for this: use a combination of products that all work together. Most makeup artists I have worked with know the best cosmetic results come from a seamless blend of different products. No need at all to stick with one brand. Most important of all — go for a quality moisturizer!!! It starts there. Luckily I was able to review a few DNA EGF Products and they work wonderfully.It does not have to be insanely expensive but it definitely helps to use one that consists of beneficial ingredients. Especially one with a SPF. That sets the tone for everything else having a smooth finish.

DNA EGF Anti Aging Products
DNA EGF Anti Aging Products

6. Be You. This might sound cliché but “No one can do You better.” Yes, we can all improve, eat healthier, exercise and have a better attitude. But I finally put down a lot of the fashion magazines (where I thought all good research comes from) and started to really ask myself what works for me. Ultimately, it comes from within. So make it fun and it will work. Embracing the change is half the battle. Experiment until you feel good about what you choose. As we all know, nothing is more stylish than a confident woman. Lastly — find work you love. A major key and forget what the others say. If it sustains you, the soul is happy.

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