Ashley Alexiss: “It Model of the Moment”

Ashley Alexiss is a unique plus-side model while maintaining a healthy and realistic perspective on the modeling industry. Alexiss enjoys modeling and the opportunities that come from it; however, she also understands how social media and society can distort how we view our bodies and ourselves. It can be dangerous if you do not have a realistic outlook — one thing Ashley Alexiss has. She’s persistent and dedicated to whatever she takes on. She also happens to be stunning.

When it comes to defying the odds, no one does it better than plus-sized model turned entrepreneur Ashley Alexiss. The Instagram bombshell carved out her path to success, having modeled professionally for the first ten years of her career without a manager or talent agency behind her. Measuring in at just five feet, three inches, the modeling industry told her she would never walk in a runway show due to her short stature. However, in 2019, Alexiss made waves in the plus-sized modeling community after becoming the first petit, plus-sized model to ever walk in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Runway Show during Miami Swim Week. Beyond modeling, Alexiss turned her day job into a lifestyle after starting her swimwear line, a feat she was also told would never happen in her career. The USA-made swimwear line “Alexiss” features a wide range of sizing options to accommodate any woman (bottoms range from size S-5XL and tops feature A-L sized cups).

Overall, how did you like the modeling industry?

The modeling industry is what you make of it. I genuinely find the positives in just about anything & my favorite thing is the ability to meet new people and experience new destinations. No two days are ever the same & that keeps it exciting. I’ve been doing this a long time & I’ve been a firm believer that if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.

What was it like to walk in the Sports Illustrated Runway show?

I wish there were words to describe walking down the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit runway show honestly – IN MY SWIMWEAR BRAND! I mean, I’m only 5’3 (5’4 on a good day) & runway is something everyone in the industry has told me would never, ever, ever, ever happen. Then it did. It was exhilarating & something I will never forget. I wish I could bottle up that feeling because it was one of the happiest, most rewarding days of my life and career.

Tell us a bit about your swimwear line. It’s amazing that you had such a lucrative year during covid.

Alexiss Swimwear is my baby. I wanted to create something that would represent all women, regardless of their size. I felt it was important for women to feel comfortable, confident, and supported in their swimwear. It’s currently the most inclusive, USA-made swimwear brand. Our sizes start at an A cup and go to an L cup for tops & a size small to 5X for bottoms & one-pieces. Seeing & hearing from our thousands of customers about how this brand has changed their confidence for the better is honestly what I live for. There’s no better feeling. I’m hoping to expand the brand even further to truly let the message “Beauty is not a Size” be known & heard.

What do you tell women who do not feel comfortable with their body image?

At one point or another, I believe every woman has not felt comfortable in their body image & it’s not their fault. Society and social media have distorted our thinking & how we view ourselves. I try and remind women to take it day by day. We have one body & there’s no time to waste hating it. We are all unique & have to find the beauty in that. Confidence doesn’t happen overnight & it’s not something that, once you see, is permanent. It’s a consistent work-in-progress. This is why I believe we need to practice self-love every day!

How did you get to be so strong and persistent?

I hustle like I’m still broke. That’s the mentality. I grew up without much & it taught me the value of a dollar & hard work. I knew in order to be successful, I have to just keep pushing through. My childhood has definitely shaped me into the strong and persistent woman I am today.

What inspires you?

My dogs & husband. I know it sounds so silly, but I work hard to give them a good life. My husband’s work ethic is incredible and what he is able to accomplish truly inspires me every damn day. My pups are rescues but honestly, they’ve rescued me in so many ways. I just want them to have the best & that motivates me to my core.

What is up next For Alexiss??

Ahhhh, I can’t give away the goodies just yet. But I’m excited to expand the brand in the coming years!

You can follow Ashley on her social media platforms:



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