VENIA’s S/S 21 “DELICATE NOISE” Explores Dystopian Survivalism, Freedom of Movement, and Progressive Detailing

In the void of 2020 lies the wake of a global pandemic, unprecedented changes, and political tension. Amidst the turmoil in Downtown Los Angeles, eco-tech fashion label VENIA Collection developed and released their New S/S 21 Collection. The result inspired the creation of “Delicate Noise”, a film incited by the stories of four individuals experiencing and battling themes of racial tension, sexism, confinement, and expectations while trying to find understanding and declare their truth in hopes for a unified future.

Performed by a diverse cast: Clinton Kyles, Sheena Leigh , Ayatu Oyaifo , and Christine Ko, all deliver their stories of hard truths experienced over the year. Underneath clothes layered in black, their struggles of diversity lie, longing to be shared and understood. Directed by Cameron Noel Dunbar, each story is told in a vignette, with individual arcs and a final unison. In a never-ending black room, a haunting tune begins as the cast whispers “I’ve got some things to say to you.” 

Dressed like survivors of a post-dystopian world covered in shades of black, the elements of each look disassemble into an assortment of accessible staples and transformative pieces layered into ensembles that are as utilitarian as they are vivid in shape. Textures from piece-dyed cotton, high-twist recycled water-resistant twill, and coated denim shift along with the screen. Adjustable and reversible blazers and shirts stacked over drop-crotch pants and layered skirts add dimension to each array. The classic wrapping seams reminiscent of collections past are reimagined and stitched together through a scar-like technique.

Clothing:​ VENIA Collection ​​@veniacollection
Director/ Cinematographer: ​Cameron Noel Dunbar ​​@cameronnoel_photography ​//Cast: ​Clinton Kyles​@clintonkyles​ ​ Sheena Leigh @flowingraceful, Ayatu Oyaifo @ah.ya.3.0,​ ​Christine Ko ​@christinekoko
Choreographer:​ Clinton Kyles, Sheena Leigh ​@flowingraceful
Hair Design:​ Jonathan James ​@neongods
Camera Operator: ​Alex Vinja
Kep Grip:​ Mykee Del Mundo
Production: ​Daniel Diaz @dirtydiaz, ​Lauren Sleator, Keeter Ly ​@keetrly
Score: ​Christine Ko, Cameron Dunbar

I have some things to say to you.
Listen to me
Hands close on your ear Delicate Noises
Words you never hear
Listen to me
Silence bleeds so loudly Delicate Noises
Plead until you see me
Truth hides shyly behind eyes When do we all melt
Once more, forfeit all your lies Then we are One
Once more,
Turn Delicate Noise to Song


Delicate Noise


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